06 outubro 2014

Delírios sobre a luz. A tua.

How is it all doing? Things are ok for me here. 
The school is not so good cause the government is cutting financial support but the rest is good, new invitations, new contacts of amateur groups to give classes to,... I'm lighting a staged opera recital next wich could lead to other good things.
I'm writing because of one thing that has been in my mind for some time. There's an effect I quite like to do wich is to have a profile spot with a gobo an then have a diffuser (gel) with a hole (size being related to the size of the overall image).
You can imagine the effect. 
A pattern image (breakups go great) falling in "deepness" (from center to border). It's quite cool. And if you imagine a lot of them (overlaying only the difused region) projected on a cyc or even in the floor, it's amazing. It adds even more texture.
The thing is, the techs in theatres don't let me "ruin" the diffuser when putting a hole in the middle. 
And I've only did this once and it looked great.
 I did a projection of a "Old City Skyline" overlaying them in a way that I would have a bigger and longer city. Just like a photo of a street where the first buildings are focused and the others on the way are diffused. 
I though of one thing. Imagine an automated fixture (scanner or moving head) with another iris but instead of having metal blades, they would have pebbled/ frosted? glass. This way I could do the effect without "ruining" the plastic diffuser and I could also focus and make it more or less diffused from border to center spot.
What do you think about this? Am I delirious or do I have a point?
Another thing, did received the email asking for an address to send cd's from Zoë to your school? The band would like to do it.

David Sobral

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